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Henrik Dolman, PhD, ChairOur Graduate Program is dedicated to the training of outstanding scientists in the pharmacological sciences. 
An outstanding graduate program is a high priority of our department, and the training faculty participate fully at all levels. Our department ranks consistently in the highest levels of NIH funding for pharmacology departments nationwide and a great diversity of research areas is available to trainees. more

The Department of Pharmacology ranks #3 in the nation in NIH research funding in its field.

Our Global Science Ranking: #2 In the World in Pharmacology and Toxicology Research and Publications, according to U.S. News & World Report's Best Global Universities 2018 report.

Carolina ranked top college value for 16th time in American public higher education, according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance! 

Scientists Discover Intricacies of Serotonin Receptor Crucial for Better Therapeutics

Serotonin Receptor

By crystalizing a serotonin receptor bound to several common compounds, Bryan Roth has discovered how slightly different drugs can cause severe side effects or none at all. The findings should accelerate the design of safer and more effective medications for a variety of conditions.  Postdoc John McCorvy was first author on the paper published in Nature Structure & Molecular Biology. read more...

Johnson Honored with Battle Distinguished Cancer Research Award

Photo of Gary L. Johnson 130 x 150
Congratulations to Dr. Gary Johnson!

The UNC School of Medicine presented Gary Johnson, PhD, with the 2017-2018 Hyman L. Battle Distinguished Cancer Research Award to recognize his outstanding achievements in cancer research, mentorship, leadership and innovation.  read more...

Pharmacology Celebrates PharmFest 2018!

Jan Kernan and Melissa Herman Tricycle Race Closeup 2  Tricycle Race Challengers and Prizes

Pharmacology students, faculty postdocs and staff had a great time at PharmFest 2018! The student team took back the challenge award by winning the Tricycle Race Challenge! see more pics...

Psychoactive Drug Screening Program Funding Renewed for 5 More Years

Psychoactive Drug Screening Program RoboticsCongratulations to the Psychoactive Drug Screening Program (PDSP) for having its funding renewed for 5 more years!  Run by Dr. Bryan Roth since 1998, the PDSP has screened more than 50,000 compounds against more than 500 targets, representing the largest single collection of GPCR's, channels and transporters.  read more...

Lisa Crose Presents "From Lab to Life" Seminar

Lisa Crose, PhD, From Lab to Life Seminar
Pharmacology alumni, Lisa Crose, PhD, met with graduate students and postdocs and presented the "From Lab to Life" seminar September 6, 2018. read more...

Cell Stem Cell Selects Song Lab Paper and Cover as Best of 2017!

Song Lab - Cell Best of 2017 Cover

The Song Lab Cover for Cell Stem Cell November 2017 issue along with its accompanying paper have been recognized among the Best Articles and Covers for 2017 by Cell Stem Cell!

Congratulations to Juan Song, senior author on the paper, Hechen Bao, co-first-author and cover designer, Brent African, co-first-author on the paper, Mengting Dai, cover designer and contributing authors Szu-Aun Lim and Isaac Haniff!


Scientists Create Method to Map Vast Unknown Territory of Long Non-coding RNA

Communities of long non-coding RNAsCongratulations to Assistant Professor, Mauro Calabrese, PhD, and Calabrese lab graduate student and first author, Jessime Kirk, for developing a way to categorize mysterious RNA molecules by their likely function, a big first step toward quickening the discovery of their roles in human health and diseases, such as cancers. The research breakthrough was published online in Nature Genetics Sept. 17.  read more...

Megan Agajanian and Juanita Limas Earn Presigious HHMI Gilliam Fellowships

Megan Agajanian and Juanita Limas HHMI Gilliam Fellowship Awardees

Congratulations to Pharmacology graduate students, Megan Agajanian in Ken Major's lab and Juanita Limas in Jean Cooks lab for being named HHMI Gilliam Fellows!  The awards come with a $50,000 stipend to support their research for 3 years. read more...

New Students Start Orientation!

New Students Start Orientation for 2018!

Back row (L to R): Danielle Chappell (Blossom Damania Lab), Sandra Zarmer (Jen Jen Yeh Lab), Elizaveta Kulko (Nick Brown Lab), Emily Fennell (Lee Graves Lab), Ana Cartaya (Edward Bahnson Lab), Marissa Bivins (Matt Redinbo Lab), Blaide Woodburn (Ron Swanstrom Lab); Front row (L to R): Jeffrey Diberto (Bryan Roth Lab), Nicole Arnold (our Student Services Manager), Chitra Saran (Kim Brouwer Lab), Selin Altinok (Ben Major Lab), Taylor Enrico (Mike Emanuele Lab).

Nicholas Brown Earns MIRA From NIH

Nicholas BrownThe National Institute of General Medical Sciences awarded Nicholas G. Brown $1.25 million over five years for research aimed at investigating the regulation of the enzyme known as the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC/C) to ultimately understand cell cycle progression. read more...

We welcome Daniel Dominguez, our newest faculty member

Daniel Dominguez, PhDWe are pleased to welcome a new faculty member, Dr. Daniel Dominguez, who will start this fall. Dr. Dominguez is an alumni of the Pharmacology Graduate program who worked with Zefeng Wang before moving to Chris Burge’s lab at MIT. As a postdoc, Daniel developed a novel high throughput method to define the structure and sequence specificity of nearly 80 RNA binding proteins, and then determined how RNA-protein interactions affect sensitivity to chemotherapeuticsDr.  read more...

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