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We study why combination therapies are effective in the treatment of cancers.

Using experiments, clinical data, and theory, we aim to understand combination therapy well enough to accurately simulate the effect of drug combinations in human clinical trials.

At last count, 10 FDA approved combination therapies have prospectively confirmed the accuracy of our models (see below).

We collaborate with clinicians and industry on the design of combination therapies and clinical trials. Inquiries are welcome at:

Our lab is part of the Computational Medicine Program, the Department of Pharmacology, and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Tumor heterogeneity showing drug-drug interactions within-tumor heterogeneity and between-tumor heterogeneity.

(Modeled and observed survival distributions are statistically indistinguishable in the following trials: CASPIAN, CheckMate 649, IMpower130, IMpower150, IMpower133, JAVELIN Renal 101, KEYNOTE 048, KEYNOTE 189, KEYNOTE 407, KEYNOTE 426)