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Sondek Lab Group
Last Sondek Lab virtual meeting of 2020
Last (virtual) group meeting of 2020

Structural Biology of Signal Transduction

Our laboratory studies signal transduction systems controlled by heterotrimeric G proteins as well as Ras-related GTPases. The superfamily of GTPases control numerous signaling cascades based upon the regulated binding, hydrolysis, and exchange of guanine nucleotides; GTP-bound GTPases are active in downstream signaling while those bound to GDP are inactive. Mutant GTPases with abnormal GDP/GTP cycling are implicated in numerous human diseases, including cancer. It is our desire to better understand the regulation of heterotrimeric G proteins and Ras-related GTPases at the molecular level with the ultimate goal of using this information to design therapies to correct abnormal signaling mediated by these proteins and thereby treat associated pathologies.

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