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All About Dr. Smilnak!

Elyse is originally from the small town of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Scranton where she dual-majored in Neuroscience and Hispanic Studies. There, she played varsity tennis as well as got involved in research, leading retreats, and joining various outreach programs, both locally and abroad. Her passion for service led her to travel to Bolivia, Guatemala, and Haiti for mission trips, where she loved learning about each culture and community that she visited. After college, she attended Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Blacksburg, Virginia and continued to find opportunities for volunteerism and community service. One of her most significant experiences includes volunteering her time as a Crisis Text Counselor, where she assists individuals struggling with their mental health or other obstacles they are facing in their personal lives. Throughout her medical school training, Elyse has focused on the psychological health of patients going through their rehabilitation journey and is interested in General Rehab, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer Rehab, and MSK/Sport Medicine. She is dedicated to mentoring younger students and educating others about the field of PM&R. She is passionate about global health and looks forward to becoming involved with initiatives that provide rehabilitation resources to rural and underserved populations. In her spare time, Elyse continues to enjoy playing tennis and pickleball, listening to podcasts or watching shows about true crime, and exploring new coffee shops and restaurants with her fiancé, Charles.

Undergraduate: University of Scranton

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) – Virginia Campus

Professional Interests: General, TBI, MSK/Sports, and Cancer

Hobbies: True crime, tennis/pickleball, exploring coffee shops/restaurants, going to the movies or watching live performances.

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation