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All About Dr. Elgendy!

Hagar is originally from Alexandria, Egypt. In immigrating to the United States, she found comfort and passion in the sport of swimming. Swimming took her to the University of Miami where she competed at the Division I Level and in representation of her home country of Egypt. Hagar earned 7 National Championship Titles, a National record, and an Olympic Trial second place finishing in 2012 in preparation of the Olympic Games. In her time in college she served on the AIA ministry and in transition to Tulane University started and led the ministry that served to encourage up to 50 athletes in Biblical training.  At Tulane, she gained her Masters Degree in Neuroscience where also served as a member of the Multi disciplinary team that founded what stands as The Trust, post NFL retirement medical care. She also founded the first research based course at Tulane University which still stands today and assisted in its teaching. Post her concussion work, Hagar met her husband Cedric Peerman, former Running back, Captain and veteran of the Cincinnati Bengals. During their 10 year tenure in the NFL, Hagar stood as an NFL Union representative for the Player wives. She is a member of Off the Field, a community driven engagement collective of current and retired Player Wives. She represented in the 2022 Super Bowl Fashion Show. Her Medical School training was at the University of Cincinnati, where she stood to advocate for DEI and founded the University’s first family leave policy. She is passionate about encouraging and uplifting others and leading by example. Together Hagar and Cedric have four beautiful children named Emmaus, Ava, Isabelle and Elias with the soon expecting of +1!  They value family time over anything and their greatest achievement and work in progress is growing as young parents! 


Name: Hagar Elgendy, MD

Undergraduate: Tulane University

Graduate (if applicable): Tulane University

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Professional Interests: Sport concussions, health equity, health policy for families.

Hobbies: Love to eat good food, spend time with friends and family, swimming and going to the beach!

Favorite part of the program: The People. The resident physicians and physicians exemplify true humility and compassion and their belief in me helps me to feel as I can continue striving towards all of my dreams!

Favorite parts of living in the Triangle: It’s near the beach, near the mountains, near to our family, diversity is key and a part of the intricacies of the culture, people are kind and carry the southern charm hospitality and demeanor!

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation