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The comprehensive evaluation is the first step to receiving care in our clinic. We know that struggling with an eating disorder can be confusing and an evaluation can help you develop a roadmap for treatment.

Is this really an eating disorder?
What type of treatment do I need?

We provide complete eating disorder assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Many people tell us that they have never had their eating disorder assessed or diagnosed by a specialist. A comprehensive evaluation lends insight into the problems at hand and allows us to make better treatment determination.

After the evaluation we will provide recommendations for treatment options in our clinic and in your community.

Our evaluation includes:

  • One-on-one discussion with a therapist
  • Questionnaires and rating scales
  • Information from the patient, parents, family members, therapists and doctors

To learn more about our Comprehensive Evaluation, please contact the Department of Psychiatry at 984-974-5217. To schedule an evaluation, complete an intake form and fax it to 984-974-9646.