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In our adolescent and young adult inpatient program, our treatment team provides 24-hour in-hospital care dedicated solely to the treatment of eating disorders.

Our program is small and focused. We take only 6 patients at a time. In order to provide optimal care, we treat adolescents and young adults between approximately 13-30 years of age. Each patient receives attentive and personalized care from our expert clinicians.

In our structured and supportive environment, patients are guided at every step through recovery.

The program includes:

  • Daily consultation with a psychiatrist
  • Medical monitoring
  • Individual, group, and family psychotherapy
  • Personalized nutritional counseling and meal planning
  • Relaxation training and gentle stretching
  • Spirituality groups
  • Classes at the UNC Hospital School. Classes are designed to provide accredited educational services that meet the unique needs of children and adolescents in our program

Inpatient programming is recommended for patients who need:

  • A structured environment in order to ensure medical and psychological stability
  • Significant meal support to ensure adequate nutrition and weight restoration

To learn more about the Inpatient Program, please contact our intake coordinator, Rosalind Roberts, at 984-974-3834. For admission, please complete an intake form and fax it to (984) 974-3779.

You can recover from an eating disorder and we can help.