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What is Coordinated Specialty Care?

Coordinated Specialty Care, or “CSC,” is an evidence-based approach to delivering effective treatment for individuals and families recovering from a first episode of psychosis. CSC Programs utilize multi-disciplinary teams including a core team of a medical provider, individually-focused psychotherapists/care managers, and family focused therapist/supporter, and includes an employment and education specialist and peer supports as needed.

CSC Teams delivery recovery care under a phase-based approach to recovery from psychosis. This means that while services are also client-centered and family-inclusive, the frequency, intensity, and focus of care are dependent upon where a person is in their recovery. For instance, where one person and their family is experiencing psychiatric crisis the team will deliver services multiple times in a week to resolve the crisis and stop harm from occurring, for another person and family further along in their resolving crisis and recovery the team will provide services less frequently and the focus may change to relapse prevention and achieving goals and milestones.

What can you expect from participating in services with a CSC Team at OASIS?

You can expect first to be listened to, understood, and validated, then given expert feedback about treatment options from our teams, including integrative medicine approaches, individually-tailored and evidence-based psychotherapies, family therapy and support services, vocational counseling and employment/education support, and peer support services. You can expect that understanding your circumstances and crisis comes first, that you and your loved one’s recovery is our highest priority, and that you will be an active part of the recovery process.

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