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About Us

The Brain-Body Center for Psychophysiology and Bioengineering (BBCPB) conducts research describing and evaluating the neurophysiological pathways that regulate behavioral state, social behavior, emotion, and stress reactivity. Our research is conducted within the framework of the Polyvagal Theory. The long term agenda of our research is to develop non-invasive techniques and strategies to optimize neural regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which would then support more optimal social behavior and mental and physical health. To support this effort, we design and test novel sensors and algorithms that quantify neural regulation of peripheral physiological processes linked to the autonomic and somatic activity of components of the Social Engagement System.

Our laboratory:

  1. Conducts research evaluating neural regulation of the autonomic nervous system and the Social Engagement System in individuals with atypical mental and physical health;
  2. Develops devices, interventions, and assessment instruments (DARE, BBC-Sensory Scales) in biomedical and biobehavioral disciplines;
  3. Provides analytic and consulting services to the clinical and scientific communities related to monitoring and interpreting physiological signals; and
  4. Conducts workshops to train researchers to collect, quantify, analyze and interpret physiological signals.

For more information about the research being conducted by Dr. Stephen Porges, or to schedule a training, please contact .

Please note we are not able to accept online payments for registration fees at this time. We will have a link for credit card payments soon, and we apologize for any inconvenience.