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Structural and DTI analysis team


Martin Styner, Ph.D., Director Read more…

Guorong Wu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Juan Carlos Prieto, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Research and development

Sun Hyung Kim, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor

Yoonmi Hong, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor

Roza Vlasova, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor


Postdoctoral Fellows:

currently none



Joseph Blocher, Imaging Studies Program Manager/System administrator

Ashley Rumple, Research specialist

Mark Foster, Research assistant

Mercedes Haase, Research assistant

Aleeshah Nasir, research assistant


Graduate Students:

Ahsan MahmoodCS Graduate research assistant

Turja MD Asadullah, CS Graduate research assistant



Lucas Valladon, CPE research intern, visiting student

Florian Davaux, CPE research intern, visiting student

Gauillaume Brussieux, CPE research intern, visiting student


Visiting scholars and other lab members:

Omar Azrak, visiting scholar

Joshua Barnett, software developer

Eun Soo Kim, visiting scholar

In Joong Kim, visiting scholar

Sun Hyung Kim, Ph.D