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The faculty and staff members that make up the UNC Department of Psychiatry are our greatest asset. Given the pressures of daily demands and the expansive practice locations for Department colleagues, a unified community and communication system is essential to keep faculty and staff engaged and informed. To that end, the Department of Psychiatry is committed to helping its faculty members achieve and exceed their career goals by offering guidance, support, and opportunities for:

  • Career development and networking;
  • Faculty mentoring;
  • Personal wellness and self care;
  • Promotions and tenure;
  • Teaching and leadership seminars; and
  • Research training and funding.

Mission Statement

The goal of the UNC Department of Psychiatry Faculty Development Program is to support our faculty as they acquire the knowledge and skills essential for becoming successful researchers, effective educators, productive clinicians and institutional leaders. The Program seeks to support our faculty in all ranks and tracks as they pursue their professional goals, while developing a strong community foundation and network within the Department, UNC system, and beyond.