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Welcome to the Division of General and Acute Care Surgery. Our goal is to provide you exposure and instruction in the care of critically ill patients. 74% of your predecessors felt that a Acute Care Rotation was an essential part of an undergraduate medical curriculum and 84% felt that a Acute Care experience should be required for graduation. Regardless of your chosen career, knowledge and experience in Acute Care will be beneficial. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for improvement.

Acute Care is an important component of graduate surgical education. The Critical Care Service for Surgery (CCSS) works within the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and participates in the management of all patients in that unit. The CCSS also participates in the management of surgical patients in other units as well as consults on selected medical critical care patients.

The educational experience includes daily teaching rounds and lectures. These lectures cover a broad range of topics in critical care. Additionally, trainees participate in weekly ICU Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs. Clinical experience on the rotation includes ventilatory management, hemodynamic monitoring, and co-management of all critically ill surgical patients admitted to the CCSS. Clinical research projects are pursued in the critical care units.

For further information on Medical Student Surgical Selectives please click the link below.