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UNC Hospital is where the nation’s first ICU was developed. The Surgical Intensive Care Unit is the place where the efforts of multidisciplinary medical specialists and support staff bring their knowledge to bear on acute illness. The critical care specialist coordinates these efforts carefully balancing the available technology and the needs of the patient to provide the highest quality of patient care. The ICU is also home to the teaching of medical students, residents, and fellows; and is a ‘laboratory of the highest order’ where invention and innovation occur continuously and is often the focal point for the future of medicine.

The mission of the Division of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery is threefold: to provide the highest quality of patient care, to provide academic excellence, and to further knowledge in the field through scholarly research.

The Division of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery manages the sixteen-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit to which critically-ill general surgery, trauma, and transplant patients are admitted, and the eighteen-bed Multidisciplinary Critical Care Stepdown Unit.


Visiting Hours

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