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Transforming Vascular Health with Targeted Patient-Focused Treatment.

Through multi-disciplinary research, we are actively bridging the chasm between science and clinical practice to create highly effective treatment strategies for patients with vascular disease. Our research, led by Principal Investigator Katharine McGinigle, MD, MPH, blends innovative techniques from precision analytics, equity in healthcare, and quality improvement.
We aim to ensure that every person receives optimal vascular care, precisely when needed, for the best possible outcomes.


The four main attributes of precision vascular health are precision analytics, healthcare disparities, surgical outcomes, and enhanced recovery.

This is our framework to achieve vascular precision health. Our focus is on using precision analytics and machine learning to define the heterogeneity in patients with PAD and to investigate how personalized treatment algorithms can reduce unwarranted care variation.
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), as a vehicle for systems-science, is being explored as a way to apply precision medicine findings and improve surgical outcomes and healthcare equity

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