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On Jun 18th, 2022 the UNC Department of Urology celebrated the graduations of the Resident Class of 2022 and our Andrology, Endourology/Minimally-Invasive Surgery, and Oncology Fellows.

While saying, “see you later” to our graduating residents is never easy – we’re thrilled to watch them all move to the next phases of their careers.

All of them will be greatly missed in Chapel Hill and the entire department wishes you all the best.

Dr. Mark Ehlers will be starting their practice at Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, WI.

Dr. Solomon Hayon is starting a fellowship in Andrology at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Liem Snyder is starting a fellowship in Transgender Medicine at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT.

Class of 2022

Graduating Fellows

Dr. Jake Brems (with Andrology Fellowship Program Director Dr. Matthew Coward, MD, FACS)

Dr. Scott Hawken (with Endourology/Minimally-Invasive Surgery Fellowship Program Director Dr. Davis Viprakasit)

Dr. Ibardo A. Zambrano (with Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director Dr. Ray Tan, MD, MSHPM)

Graduating Residents

(From Left: Drs. Matthew Nielsen, Mark Ehlers, Liem Snyder, Solomon Hayon, Eric Wallen)

Where are our other Alumni now?