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The UNC Department of Urology congratulates Dr. Kristy Borawski, Professor of Urology, for successfully completing the UNC School of Medicine’s Leading Transformation in Academic Medicine (LTAM) program as part of the inaugural cohort.

As one of the final components of the LTAM Program, Dr. Borawski recently presented her capstone project. Dr. Borawski collaborated with Dr. Nikki Binz, an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, to develop an innovative pilot program to address a critical need in academic medicine: the promotion of professionalism and accountability among physicians.

Addressing Unprofessional Behavior in Medicine

The Problem: Unprofessional behavior among physicians is on the rise, leading to poor patient outcomes, increased malpractice claims, and lower job satisfaction. Compounding this, current systems can lack consistent mechanisms to address and manage these behaviors effectively.

The Solution: As part of their project, Drs. Borawski and Binz proposed the “Physician Professionalism Alliance (PPA),” a peer review program designed to:

  • Evaluate and Address Unprofessional Behavior: A centralized, physician-led team reviews all reports of unprofessional conduct.
  • Provide Coaching and Feedback: Offer direct feedback and coaching to physicians and trainees, supported by formal coaching certification for team leaders.
  • Collaborate with Key Departments: Work with HR, GME, UME, OIECE, and SOM leaders to identify trends and escalate cases as needed.
  • Early and Consistent Intervention: Implement early intervention strategies to reduce recurrent unprofessional behaviors.

Impact and Vision: The PPA aims to enhance patient safety, reduce malpractice incidents, and improve physician well-being and retention by fostering a culture of professionalism and accountability, this initiative supports the UNC School of Medicine’s strategic goals of creating a safe, inclusive, and professional environment.

“I am genuinely grateful for the privilege of participating in LTAM. This experience has not only enriched my knowledge and skills but also provided an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with and learn from my fellow LTAM participants.”

Kristy Borawski, MD
Professor of Urology

Kristy Borawski, MD

About the LTAM Program

The LTAM program, launched by the UNC School of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development, is an immersive leadership development initiative tailored for mid-career faculty members. Spanning from September 2023 to May 2024, the program focused on enhancing leadership capacities, career commitments, and the building of a strong professional network within the medical school community. The program’s structure includes intensive bi-weekly sessions, distinguished guest speakers, interactive case studies, and personalized mentorship, ensuring participants receive comprehensive and impactful leadership training.