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The vibrant city of New Orleans played host to the Society of Women in Urology (SWIU) for its 13th Annual Clinical Mentoring Conference from January 26 to 27, 2024. The event, aptly dubbed the “Lift as You Lead” conference, brought together many great minds in urology, including representatives from UNC Urology – Drs. Katherine Chan, Kathryn Hacker Gessner, and Angela Smith.

Dr. Angela Smith, a member of the SWIU’s Board of Directors,  was an active participant and  Co-Chair for this year’s conference. Collaborating with Drs. Amanda C. North and Simone Thavaseelan, Dr. Smith played a  key role in orchestrating  a successful meeting.

The conference, with its theme of empowering and supporting women in urology, featured Dr. Smith as a panelist in the session titled “Organized Urology – Professional Societies, Academics, Practices, and Medical Schools.” Her insights  regarding the intricacies of the urology landscape provided  valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the field.

Dr. Katherine Chan, UNC Urology’s Vice Chair for Research and an Associate Professor of Urology, served as a moderator for two  discussions: “Navigating your Networks for Promotion” and “Coaching and Managing Career Transitions.”

Dr. Kathryn Hacker Gessner, a recent addition to UNC Urology’s faculty, presented on the topic of “Prospective evaluation of intratumoral heterogeneity through multiregional sampling of small renal masses” (link to abstract).

About The SWIU

The SWIU, initially an informal gathering at the 1980 AUA meeting, has evolved into a robust organization with over 950 members, including more than 300 board-certified female urologists, researchers, residents, fellows, and non-urology MDs and PhDs. The organization’s mission is clear: supporting women in urology by providing professional development, networking, and resources. It aims to create opportunities, educate, ensure equity in urology, and diversify the workforce by advancing women in their professional careers.