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UNC is one of only a handful of centers in the Southeastern U.S. offering the advanced, minimally invasive, HoLEP procedure for BPH.

UNC Urology patients are benefiting from an innovative procedure that produces excellent results and rapid recovery for men with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) – enlargement of the prostate.

Compared to traditional surgery, HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate), has significantly less bleeding, better long term results, and superior clinical outcomes. HoLEP has no size limitation and therefore allows surgeons to treat patients with different stages of BPH. Furthermore, it is recommended by the AUA (American Urologic Association) for complex patients – including those on anticoagulation medications.

Patients undergoing HoLEP typically regain normal physical functions very quickly. Most who undergo this procedure are able to return home the same day and have their catheters removed within 24 hours of surgery.

While this is a relatively new and rare procedure, UNC averages at least 150 of the procedures yearly, according to Dr. Gopal Narang, Assistant Professor in the UNC Department of Urology.

“HoLEP patients are some of our happiest patients. As a surgeon, it’s especially gratifying to me because we’re using a minimally invasive procedure and getting the maximum benefit. We see them regaining normal function and a higher quality of life rapidly.”

“It’s also a very flexible procedure and allows us to help patients who may have multiple health comorbidities that can make surgery for BPH more complex.”

Dr. Gopal Narang
Assistant Professor of Urology

Dr. Gopal Narang


The HoLEP procedure requires advanced urological training and specialized expertise.

Dr. Narang and UNC Associate Professor of Urology, Dr. Davis Viprakasit, anticipate the number of procedures at UNC will continue to increase rapidly due to its unique benefits for patients.

“It is exciting for UNC Urology to offer – what we consider – the gold standard, definitive solution for a wide range of BPH patients. HoLEP can be an appealing alternative for many patients instead of daily medication and ongoing symptom management.”

Dr. Viprakasit

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