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In a groundbreaking initiative, universities across North Carolina are joining forces to enhance nephrology, benign urology, and hematology research. The NC Kidney, Urology, Hematology (KUH) Training, Research, Innovation, Outreach (TRIO) Program aims to push scientific boundaries and nurture the next generation of researchers.

Dr. Ronald Falk is the Lead Principal Investigator of the U2C/TL1 $6.15M, 5-year, grant from the NIH National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Drs. Anthony Atala and Thomas Ortel are co-Principal Investigators with Dr. Falk on this award.

The UNC Department of Urology will play a key role in this program. Dr. Katherine Chan, a successful K23 recipient and Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Urology, will be serving as an emerging mentor in the Administrative Core. Dr. David Friedlander will participate as a mentee (and future emerging mentor) as he progresses along his journey to becoming an independent investigator. Dr. Angela Smith, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development, will serve as faculty mentor and key personnel in the Professional Development Core where she will chair the Mentorship Committee overseeing mentor support and training.

Mentorship is central to the program’s success. With experts like Drs.’ Chan, Friedlander, and Smith, the program promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional growth across disciplines, ensuring a promising future for these critical medical/surgical disciplines of nephrology, urology, and hematology research.

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