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Jasmine Simmons is an 11-year-old who is giving back in a big way. Her recently published book, “Jasmine’s Journey: A Story of Overcoming Obstacles”, discusses the trials and Jasmine's story book covertriumphs of living with vascular anomalies. Her book provides young readers coping skills for dealing with unpleasant situations. The “Mom Insights”, written for parents and guardians, gives specific strategies to help parents guide their children throughout medical traumas and other challenges. Jasmine's image with the title The Kid AuthorJasmine’s mission is to provide her book for free to children that need encouragement. Her book is available on Amazon, AuthorHouse, and Books-A-Million online. You can read more about Jasmine and her mission on her website. There are also free Social-Emotional resources on Jasmine’s website that accompany the book.