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An example of a recent custom single-cell sequencing project that we assisted with. It included a large number of UNC collaborations including: Dr. De Paris lab, UNC Flow Cytometry Core, UNC Vironomics Core, and UNC HTSF.

At this year’s Research Triangle Cytometry Association Meeting in January, Department of Microbiology and Immunology’s Dr. Kristina De Paris and Marcia Sanders of the Vironomics Core attended an informative presentation by BD on Precise Whole Transcriptome Analysis Cell Whole Kit. A handful of individual meetings with BD ensued, resulting in the submission of cells to UNC’s Flow Cytometry Core facility, to be sorted in collaboration with BD. The inaugural joint effort saw a 92-cell plate transferred to the Vironomics Core for library preparation, then submitted to the UNC High Throughput Genomic Sequencing Facility (HTSF) for Illumina HiSeq sequencing. Following standard BD protocol, the raw data was analyzed back at the Vironomics Core, then embarked on a final transfer back to Dr. De Paris. Working directly with BD, Dr. De Paris was able to complete the secondary analysis. The collaboration between the cores and BD is set to be ongoing, with more samples on the way to be tested soon.