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The Vironomics Core facilitates research long-read length next generation sequencing. The sequencers in the core are ideal for longer DNA fragment sequencing with instrument run times of only 24 hours. This is accomplished using Ion Torrent PGM, Ion Torrent S5, and companion Ion Torrent Chef. The Ion Torrent PGM is capable of 200-400bp read lengths. The Ion Torrent S5 has the ability to increase that to 600bp and increases the number of reads/depth available, 10-90M reads. Many clients use the longer reads for large genomes, de novo sequencing, 16S sequencing, long amplicons, etc. Customization is available or take advantage of the current expertise in: whole genome sequencing (WGS), de novo assembly, STR cell line verification, targeted amplicon sequencing, plasmid verification, strand-specific RNAseq, and exome sequencing.

Vironomics Core Next Generation Sequencing

STR Cell Line Authentication
For NIH Grant Application authentication of key biological and/or chemical resources

Examples of Our Seq Runs
Here we will keep examples of our Ion Torrent sequencing runs and metrics, click for larger images

Unofficial guide to sequencing
Next-generation sequencing technologies are being updated constantly so sometimes it is hard to choose the technology that is best for your research. Below we’ve collected an unofficial table to help compare the instruments that were current at the beginning of 2016. *Note: We assembled this list from experience, vendor sites, other cores, and word-of-mouth. Please let us know if you find any errors.