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Ion Torrent PGM and Ion Torrent S5 NGS

Next Generation Sequencing services (DNA and RNAseq) are available by the Vironomics Core for several sequencing platforms. Please see the sequencing tab , unofficial guide, and/or sample submission for details.

Utilizing our Ion Torrent sequencers (more reads) allows most runs to accommodate a greater number of samples with greater coverage than the GS Junior. This commercially available option, Precision ID NGS, will allow for a plug-n-play analysis, which should decrease the need for specialized bioinformatics.

Plasmid Verification

We have had success with plasmid verification for various clients using the GS Junior. We are now transitioning this to our newest instrument, Ion Torrent S5, which will allow for greater sequencing depth and lower cost/plasmid.

Services & Fees

Please note that the fees were changed June 2013.

qPCR (real-time PCR) arrays available

We offer various qPCR arrays that include anywhere from 5 to 768 primer-pairs per assay. Our assays include: KSHV, EBV, HCMV, HSV-1, HSV-2, RRV, Viral Load, microRNA, NFkappaB, and P53response.

Data Analysis

As a Vironomics Core, we not only perform the assay services that generate data, but we also offer analysis services to assist transforming the raw data into ready-to-use data.


A list of various protocols offered by the Vironomics Core.