Online Scheduling System

The Advisory Colleges uses a program called SuperSaas for its online scheduling system. Students can use this website in order to make an appointment with their advisors. Below are links to the online scheduling system and instructions on how to use it.

Schedule Links by Advisor

Dr. Blanco

Dr. Chuang

Dr. DeSelm

Dr. Felix

Dr. Harrigan

Dr. Ivester

Dr. Jones

Dr. Lim

Dr. Malloy

Dr. McNeal-Trice

Dr. Penaskovic

Dr. Shungu

Dr. Weil

Dr. Young


Logging In

Your username will be your School of Medicine email address, and your password will be your PID. For instance, the username for Jack Kerouac would be and his password would be xxxxxxxxx. (If you are having troubles, note that some people incorrectly enter an alias for their email address instead of their full name. For instance, you would use instead of

Changing an Appointment

If you need to change an appointment with an advisor, log into SuperSaas and find your appointment. You can delete the appointment by clicking on the "Agenda" tab and then click the "Edit" icon (which looks like a sheet of a paper and pen). The "View Slot" window will appear and then you will click on the "Edit" icon within that window. The "Edit Appointment" window will appear and you should be able to delete the appointment. However, before you click on the "Delete Appointment" button first click the "Confirm" check box to send an email. Then you can schedule another date.


Getting Help

If you have any questions please contact Jeri Copeland at