The Biomedical Research Imaging Center offers training specifically intended for equipment use at our facility (look to your "quick links" box for more information). If you are interested in learning more about biomedical imaging in general, here are some classes offered at UNC that might be of interest.

If you are a student with questions about the BME classes, you may contact for further details.

Biomedical Engineering

  • BMME 550: Medical Imaging: Ultrasound, MRI and Optical
  • BMME 560: Medical Imaging: X-ray, CT and Nuclear
  • BMME 530: Digital Signal Processing
  • BMME 561: (CHEM 541) Analytical Microscopy
  • BMME 565: Biomedical Instrumentation
  • BMME 580: Real-time Computer Applications I
  • BMME 581: Real-time Computer Applications II
  • BMME 712: Biomedical Image Processing
  • BMME 714: Bioimaging Practicum
  • BMME 775: COMP 775: Medical Image Analysis

Computer Sciences / Computer Engineering Courses

  • COMP 665: Images, Graphics and Vision
  • COMP 766: Visual Solid Shape
  • COMP 776: Computer Vision
  • COMP 787: Visual Perception