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The Biomedical Research Imaging Center supports the research efforts of its faculty members and other researchers from across UNC, including the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, and School of Public Health. A current list of NIH funded grants to BRIC faculty at UNC-CH can be found at Current NIH Funded Grants at BRIC.



Research News

  • BRIC Researchers published in Nature Magazine

    Transcriptome-wide association study on 211 brain structural traits Brain structural traits are highly heritable and have been linked to disease. Here the authors have used gene expression data to perform a transcriptome-wide association study on 211 brain structural traits, discovering 273 associated genes. We further validated the discovered genes using multiple methods. The paper was … Continued

  • New S10 Awarded to Dr. Ian Shih

    Congratualations to Dr. Ian Shih and then entire BRIC Center for Animal MRI team on the recently awarded S10 grant to upgrade the advance neo system on the Bruker 9.4T! Avance neo upgrade for the biospec 9.4T/30CM MRI system at UNC (NIH S10 MH124745, PI: Shih) Animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research at the University … Continued

  • Dr. Oldenburg Awarded grant for 3D Scanning Endoscope Development

    Dr. Amy Oldenburg, Professor in the UNC Physics & Astronomy Department and BRIC faculty member, was awarded a new grant for the development of a rapid, 3D laser scanning endoscope to study the upper airways of infants and children with subglottic stenosis (SGS), a life-threatening condition. The microscopic resolution afforded by the endoscope will be … Continued

  • SungHo Lee, headshot

    HEAL Subcontract Awarded to Dr. SungHo Lee

    Dr. SungHo Lee received a NIDA Phase I SBIR award with Actuated Medical Inc. This award is granted via the NIH HEAL Initiative, with Dr. Lee being the subcontract PI at UNC.