Requesting New Account Numbers

Account numbers are created/issued by different entities on Campus depending on the fund type.

  • State and Overhead Accounts - Contact Patsy Oliver who will work with the University's budget office
  • P&A Accounts - Kenji Brantley, 966-4060, with UNC P&A
  • Contract & Grant Accounts - 1) Complete the Financial Guarantee form for new accounts, renewals (both competing and non-competing) and no-cost extensions.  2) Obtain approval and signatures from the Chair and the Assistant Dean for Finance and Business Operations.  3) Foward approval to Office of Sponsored Research.
  • Recharge Accounts - Contact Office of Sponsored Research
  • Endowment Funds - Contact either the UNC Development Office (for endowment funds to be held at UNC), or contact The Medical Foundation (for endowment funds to be held at the Foundation)
  • Institutional Trust or Special Funds (Gift, Contract Trust, Endowment Income) - Complete the Institutional Trust Account form.  Instructions are included.

The official University policy for establishing non-state account number may be found in the Finance Division's Policies and Procedures Manual.