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Contracts with UNC Health, it’s entities, or other outside agencies.

OPSCA Website

To facilitate OPSCA review:

  • CRFs should include all requested information.
  • The CRF submittor should include the name of a Contract Administrator, who is positioned to answer questions from OPSCA about the Agreement.
  • Be as specific as possible when describing the proposed engagement.
  • Include any special instructions (for example, “wet ink” or rush requests) on the CRF.
  • Ensure that the submission contains the entire document to be reviewed, including exhibits and attachments.
  • Attach the completed clinical PSA Term Sheet when applicable.

Submit CRF



All Outside Contracts must be added to RASR.

RASR Tip Sheet

Contracts with the Medical Center at UNC Hospital.


Completing the Contract Term Coversheet

Contract Term Coversheet Video Training

Important Links

Contract Request Submission Process Instructions

Contract Term Coversheet Form

Example of Completed Contract Term Coversheet Form

Contraction Submission portal

Please email the legal department contracts email at for contract submission portal log-in information.


All Hospital Contracts must be added to RASR.

RASR Tip Sheet

Fact Witness Expert Witness
Classification: Provider is usually the treating physician of a patient who has filed a claim against a third party where that treatment, or the injury that necessitated the treatment, is relevant to the dispute.  The provider is being asked to give their opinion, based on their personal interaction with a patient. Provider is an expert in the specific area of medicine and is being asked to give an opinion, based on their expertise and their review of the chart.  Generally, the opinion is about another provider’s care.  The provider’s opinions are not based on facts derived from personally treating the individual, but from reviewing the record of someone else’s care.
Processing: Providing fact witness testimony for current or former patients is part of the job and does not require an EPAP or agreement.  The UNCHCS Legal and Risk Department has developed forms specific for these situations designed to protect the UNC providers. Providing expert witness testimony requires an EPAP, unless the Department or Program falls under an exception.

1) Physician must have requesting firm complete an Expert Representation form and have it approved by the UNCHCS Legal and Risk Department.

2) Physician must submit Notice of Intent:

Contact: Taylor Roberts, UNCHCS Legal and Risk Department or (984) 974-3041. EPAPs:  Leeanne Walker
Exceptions:  Dawn Davila
UNCHCS Legal Risk Department Approval:  Taylor Roberts
Billing: Submit billing requests through RASR
  • EPAPs are paid directly to the provider.
  • Exception Agreement payments will be paid to the University and submitted in RASR.


EPAP Policy

EPAP Request Form

RASR Contract Tip Sheet

RASR Invoices Tip Sheet



  • For EPAP, etc. questions, please contact:
  • For RASR Expert Witness Contracts, etc. questions, please contact:
  • For RASR Expert Witness Invoices, etc. questions, please contact:

All Clinical Invoices must be added to RASR.

RASR Tip Sheet

Once payments are received, please log payment in RASR to liquidate AR.

Current consildated export of RASR contract and invoice data available in Tableau. Improvements to this report are in the works.