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In 2004, the Budget Committee created the IF&C and established a policy to oversee submission, review and approval of internal service charges and fees, which by definition includes recharge center fee schedules. Since then campus departments have not been allowed to implement fees or charges to other campus units without central administrative review and approval. The IF&C is co-chaired by the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller, the Director of Cost Analysis and Compliance, and the Administrative Accountant in the Office of the Provost.

Depending on whether the fees are for a Research Service Center or Non-Research Service, determines the approval process that needs to be followed.

a. Research Service Center – This is defined as a research operation which 1) entails a scientific-based process, or 2) is grounded in discovery and obtaining new knowledge, or 3) utilizes highly complex or technical methodologies and specialized expertise, AND exists primarily to support sponsored research, AND has a minimum of $10,000 directly charged annually to sponsored research projects. Responsibility for review and approval of fees that fall into this categrory is delegated to Office of Sponsored Research. The contact is Brian Bertlshofer.

b. Non-Research Service – If the fee is for a service which does not meet the criteria above, the request for review and approval must be submitted to the IF&C Committee. The contact is Roger Patterson.