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Welcome to the Infectious Diseases Clinic of UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill, NC







The University of North Carolina Infectious Diseases Clinic (UNC ID Clinic) specializes in treating people with infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, other sexually transmitted diseases, and acute and chronic infections.  Outpatient medicine is a critical infectious diseases activity, and the UNC ID Clinic meets five days each week in a large and modern facility in UNC Hospitals.  Located on the first floor of NC Memorial Hospital, the clinic provides care for more than 2300 patients.  The clinic provides treatment of infections in returning travelers.  A variety of outpatient infectious diseases are evaluated by the consult service.

Picture of UNC ID Clinic waiting area.


The UNC ID Clinic is located on the first floor of NC Memorial Hospital.  Once you enter the main NC Memorial Hospital entrance (you are on the ground floor), walk to the left side of the information desk and take the escalator up one floor.  At the top of the escalator, make an immediate right followed by another right.  The UNC ID Clinic is at the end of the hallway.  If you require the use of an elevator, walk past the escalators to the left and make a right on the next hallway.  Take the elevator up one floor to the first floor and follow the signs to the UNC ID Clinic.


Clinic Type

Days of WeekTime
Outpatient Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

(NO Wed. walk-ins)

8:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon

UNC ID Clinic is closed on UNC Health Care observed holidays.

*Walk-In Clinic is designated for established HIV+ patients.



All new patients to the UNC ID Clinic are asked to provide personal and insurance information.  Please arrive at our clinic prior to your appointment.  This time will be used to update any additional information in our system as well as have you complete additional documents (i.e. privacy policy forms, emergency contacts, financial assessments, etc.).  Remember that traffic and parking near UNC Hospitals may take extra time (see Parking).  An appointment notice will be mailed to you before your appointment date.

New and existing patients are asked to bring this information with you to your appointment:

  1. Your health insurance card (private, Medicaid, Medicare, military, etc.)
  2. A copy of the pre-authorization form from your insurance company (if required)
  3. All medications you're taking (if applicable), or a current list with name, dose, strength, amount and times that you take the medication.
  4. Your UNC medical record card


The UNC ID Clinic follows the billing policy of UNC Health Care Systems.  Laboratory, x-rays, and pharmacy charges will be billed through UNC Hospitals.  The examination and treatment provided by the clinic's medical staff will be billed separately through UNC Faculty Physicians.

If you have health insurance, the bill will be sent to your insurance company.  Please provide proof of insurance to the front desk staff, especially if you have Medicaid and/or Medicare.  Check your insurance information with the front desk staff at each clinic appointment.  Always bring your insurance card and/or updated information with you to every visit.  You will be asked for a required co-payment at the time of the visit.

If you do not have health insurance, limited assistance programs are available to help with physician and hospital charges, as well as medication payments.  These options are available for those who qualify based on a required financial assessment.

If you are an HIV patient, see our forms page, for required Ryan White forms.

If you have concerns about your financial situation, the financial counselor will be happy to assist you.


Patients and visitors may park in the Dogwood Parking Deck at a cost of $1.50 an hour to a maximum of $8 for a full day.

Parking for emergency room and urgent care center patients is located with the valet attendant outside the emergency room main entrance.  One vehicle per patient is allowed in the lot. Cost of non-emergent vehicles is $10.00.

Valet parking is available to all patients and visitors to any of the hospitals and the clinical cancer center.  It is located at the front door of the N.C. Women's and Children's Hospitals.  The cost for valet parking is $10.  Valet coupons can be purchased from the valet cashier and come in books of five and cost $45.

Payment for the Dogwood parking deck or valet parking can be made by cash, credit card or debit card.

Handicapped parking is available for up to four hours in any of the handicapped parking spaces located directly in front of the Memorial Hospital entrance.  Additional handicapped spaces are located in the Dogwood parking deck. Handicapped-accessible shuttles service these spaces.  If you need assistance from the parking deck, please contact the attendant via the call box phones.

Hospital Transportation Options


The UNC medical center is located in the heart of Chapel Hill, on the south end of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus on Manning Drive.  Here you will find UNC Hospitals - which includes N.C. Memorial Hospital, N.C. Children's Hospital, N.C. Women's Hospital, N.C. Neurosciences Hospital and the N.C. Cancer Hospital - as well as the Ambulatory Care Center and the UNC School of Medicine. The UNC Family Practice Center is located nearby, at the corner of Manning Drive and U.S. 15-501.

Map of UNC Health Care Campus

***NEW*** Interactive Map of UNC Hospitals

To UNC Hospitals from...Directions
...the north
  • Take NC 86 South (which becomes Martin Luther King Boulevard-formerly Airport Road) to downtown Chapel Hill.
  • Turn right onto Cameron Avenue (2nd light after Franklin Street) then make an immediate left onto Pittsboro Street.
  • Bear left when the road splits. Go straight across South Columbia Street and you will be on Manning Drive near UNC Hospitals.
  • Patient and visitor parking for the hospitals and is available in the Dogwood parking deck. The Dogwood parking deck is three tenths of a mile on the right.
...the east
  • Take 1-40 West to exit #273A.
  • Take NC 54 West to Chapel Hill.
  • Take US 15-501 South to Manning Drive.  Turn right onto Manning Drive.
  • Patient and visitor parking for the hospitals is available in the Dogwood parking deck. The Dogwood parking deck is nine tenths of a mile from US 15-501 on the left.
...the west
  • Take NC 54 East to Chapel Hill.
  • Exit at Columbia Street/US 15-501 and turn left onto South Columbia Street.
  • From South Columbia Street, turn right on Manning Drive.
  • Patient and visitor parking for the hospitals is available in the Dogwood parking deck. The Dogwood parking deck is three tenths of a mile on the right.
...the south
  • Take US 15-501 North to Chapel Hill. US 15-501 becomes South Columbia Street at the NC 54 intersection.
  • From South Columbia Street, turn right on Manning Drive.
  • Patient and visitor parking for the hospitals is available in the Dogwood parking deck. The Dogwood parking deck is three tenths of a mile on the right.

For emergency room parking, stay on Manning Drive past the parking decks and turn left on Emergency Drive, following the emergency room signs.



    Chapel Hill Transit




    Emergency: 911

    Appointments: (919) 966-7198 or (866) 241-7586

    UNC Hospitals billing department: (919) 966-1234 or (866) 595-3175

    UNC Faculty Physicians billing department: (919) 966-2211 or (866) 482-4072

    UNC Charity Care: (919) 966-3425 or (866) 704-5286

    UNC Pharmacy: (919) 966-4201 or (919) 966-7695