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Jiami Guo, Anton Lab Postdoctoral Scholar, Publishes in Developmental Cell
An antenna-like structure on cells, once considered a useless vestige, appears to be important for proper brain development in mammals and when impaired can cause defects in the brain’s wiring similar to what’s seen in autism, schizophrenia, and other neuropsychiatric disorders. In lab experiments, UNC School of Medicine scientists prevented these wiring defects by restoring signaling though these antenna-like structures called primary cilia. The study was published on August 7, 2017 in Developmental Cell. Aug 11, 2017
Spencer Smith to Lead $10-Million Project to Build Brain-Imaging Technology
The five-year NSF project led by UNC Neuroscience Center research, Spencer Smith, will develop new imaging systems and technology to explore the brain like never before. Aug 01, 2017
ALS: New Clues to the Cause and How Future Drugs Might Reverse Disease
The Cohen Lab and NC State researchers team up to reverse TDP-43 protein aggregation, a hallmark of degenerative diseases. Jul 20, 2017
Hiroyuki Kato Publishes in Neuron
In the study published July 6th in the journal Neuron titled, "Network-level Control of Frequency Tuning in Auditory Complex", Kato et al. found a neuronal network basis for how our brain precisely represents the external world. Jul 14, 2017
Anne Marion Taylor Recieves American Heart Association Grant
Anne Marion Taylor’s lab receives an American Heart Association grant to further their research investigating how axon damage causes synaptic remodeling following stroke Jun 22, 2017