National Gnotobiotic Rodent Resource Center

The National Gnotobiotic Rodent Resource Center (NGRRC) provides services on local, national and international levels to academic institutions and governmental programs. Investigators use this resource to examine physiologic and pathophysiologic differences in germ-free (germ-free, sterile) vs. gnotobiotic (known life) vs. specific pathogen free (SPF) rodents of various genetic backgrounds. Investigators can precisely manipulate the microbiota by selectively colonizing germ-free rodents with single or multiple commensal or pathogenic bacterial or fungal species, using isogenic wild type or genetically engineered bacterial strains. Such studies help to define the physiologic and pathophysiologic relevance of bacterial genes.


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About us

The National Gnotobiotic Rodent Resource Center (NGRRC) funded by NCRR's Comparative Medicine Section since 2004 provides germ-free and selectively colonized rodents to requesting investigators.

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Services of the NGRRC include rodents available for studies: germ-free mice and rats; gnotobiotic rodents selectively colonized with single or multiple bacterial species or strains; SPF (specific pathogen free) control mice. Breeding colonies maintained as germ-free or SPF. Additonal services conducted by center staff are also available.

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Instructions for registering as a PI, requesting animals or services require going to the Center for Gastrointestinal Biology & Disease link and following the directions given.

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Research reference papers

Listing of selected gnotobiotic research papers

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Links to sites associated with gnotobiotic or mutant mice

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