The National Gnotobiotic Rodent Resource Center (NGRRC) is a non-commercial entity that provides research services to investigators at local, national and international academic institutions and government agencies to examine physiologic and pathophysiologic features of germ-free (sterile) and gnotobiotic (i.e. selectively colonized with microbes) mice. Investigators can also use this resource to selectively colonize germ-free mice with genetically altered commensal or pathogenic microbes to define the physiologic and pathophysiologic relevance of microbial genes.

The NGRRC maintains several inbred and transgenic strains of germ-free mice that can be purchased and shipped to investigators or used in experiments carried out in isolators at our facility. We also derive mouse strains into germ-free conditions using embryo transfer. To provide a training resource to help investigators develop their own gnotobiotic facility, we offer a 4-day hands-on training at the NGRRC.

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