Monographs on Integrative Medicine

These monographs are part of a series of publications entitled The Convergence of Complementary, Alternative & Conventional Health Care, that has been developed as an educational resource for health professional by the Program on Integrative Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and supported by a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), National Institutes of Health.

You can download PDF versions of each monograph below:


Unit 1 (Convergence)Understanding the Convergence of Complementary, Alternative, & Conventional CarePart IPart II
Unit 2 (Concepts)Concepts of Healing & Models of Care
Unit 3 (EBM)Evidence-Based Medicine & Complementary & Alternative Therapies
Unit 4 (Effectiveness)Assessing the Effectiveness of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Unit 5 (Safety)Safety Issues in Complementary & Alternative Health Care
Unit 6 (Info Sources)Information Sources for Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Unit 7 (Integrating Care)Integrating Complementary & Alternative Therapies with Conventional Care
Unit 8 (Evaluation)Evaluating CAM Information