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Who We Are 

Welcome to the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Our mission is to optimize health and function of individuals with disabilities through a patient-centered continuum of care, with the goal of improving quality of life.

Our faculty are doctors and psychologists in rehabilitation medicine who provide clinical care, teaching, research and advocacy primarily in North Carolina, but also through outreach to benefit children and adults with disabilities worldwide.

Our Team Approach

Our rehabilitation doctors, also called physiatrists, manage care through an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team of colleagues from UNC Health Care and other departments. For example, our physiatrists regularly prescribe physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy, and monitor therapies over time as part of a comprehensive medical plan. They attend care conferences with nurses, social workers, care managers, therapists and other specialists to let the patient and family ask questions and make important decisions.

The UNC Advantage

Our patients benefit from the wider interdisciplinary team, and also from immediate access to the university's full range of medical resources.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is proud to join other programs at UNC in exceeding national standards.

Our Local & Global Partnerships

Our faculty members and staff continue to improve rehabilitation care locally and globally through support groups, education, research and telecommunications, expanding UNC's rehabilitation resources to individuals and families.

Residents participate in our Global Partnership in Medical Rehabilitation, and we continue to welcome participants from other countries, as delegations and in our international visiting scholars program.

How You Can Help