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Hospitalizations for Pediatric Opioid Use Disorders: Exploring Racial Disparities among US regions

Exposure to prescription opioids in the pediatric population is an important public health concern. Opioid hospitalizations among US children and adolescents have doubled in the last decade. There is an urgent need to better characterize the opioid epidemic in all pediatric populations, across different racial groups and regions in the United States. However, research on pediatri … Continued

Nicole Short, PhD

UNC School of Medicine Departments of Allied Health Sciences and Neurology Announce Nicole Short, PhD, as the 2020-2021 Sleep Innovative Research Grant Recipient

 The Departments of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) Office of Research and Scholarship and Neurology have awarded Nicole Short, an assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, with its 2020-2021 Sleep Innovative Research (SIRG) grant.

Disparities in Health Care Access and Utilization of Children during Autism Insurance Reform

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased rapidly in recent years. At the same time, comprehensive ASD insurance reform laws have been enacted through legislation or administrative mandates in most US states since 2006. Legislation targeted toward private insurance was designed to facilitate access to and coverage of integrated medical and behavioral health s … Continued

Clare Harrop

Asking the Right Questions

The North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute interviewed Clare Harrop, an assistant professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences to find out what traits are most distinct in childhood? And how do those behaviors and characteristics impact children with autism?

Clare Harrop

Researching the impact of COVID-19 on families with autism

After receiving a TraCS $2K grant, Clare Harrop, Aaron Dallman and their team from the Office of Research and Scholarship began sending out surveys and conducting phone interviews with families to find out how they are doing.

Clare Harrop

Clare Harrop featured in Endeavors’ “Research UNCovered” story

Clare Harrop is an assistant professor and a fellow in the FPG Child Development Institute. She studies early developmental trajectories in children, particularly girls, with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders like autism.

John Buse, PhD

Advancing the research agenda at UNC-Chapel Hill

A newly-released video highlights three UNC researchers who show ground-breaking possibilities with TraCS support – drones that deliver life-saving equipment, mental health treatment based on brain wave therapy, and 3D-printed intravaginal rings to deliver therapeutics for women’s health. Watch on YouTube >

Learn more about our Sleep Innovative Research Grant.

$10,000 Pilot Funding Opportunity Available for Sleep Research through Department of Allied Health Sciences

The Department of Allied Health Sciences Office of Research and Scholarship is pleased to announce its third and final round of pilot funding for the Sleep Innovation Research Grant (SIRG) program.

John Grose

Grose Named Department of Allied Health Sciences Associate Chair for Research and Scholarship

The Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) has named John Grose as its associate chair for research and scholarship, which leads research across seven disciplines and several units in the health care spectrum.

Department of Allied Health Sciences Announces Winners of the 2019 Student Research Ambassador Award

Five PhD students, who represent three health care disciplines from the UNC School of Medicine Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS), have received the 2019 Student Research Ambassador Award, awarded by the department’s Office of Research and Scholarship.