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UNC Medical Alumni Association exists to bring alumni together to create enduring relationships between its members and the UNC School of medicine and to foster a living community of support for the mission and purposes of the school.

Welcome to the University of North Carolina School of Medicine Alumni Association website.

You, the medical alumni/ae of the UNC School of Medicine represent a great strength to the institution. When it comes to supporting our vision to be the nation’s leading public school of medicine and our mission to improve the health of those we serve, You – the UNC School of Medicine Alumni – are our most important resource. You understand what it means to provide outstanding care for citizens and underserved populations, both locally and globally. You understand the importance of leading the next generation of health care professionals and researchers by example. Your leadership is expanding lifesaving care, technology and concepts worldwide.

Your support of The Loyalty Fund, the annual fund of the UNC Medical Alumni Association, makes it possible for the physicians of tomorrow to follow in your footsteps, creating a better and brighter future for health care. The Loyalty Fund provides an unrestricted resource designated primarily for the support of scholarships, educational activities and programs that are most important in maintaining academic excellence and enhancing the medical student experience.

Since its beginning in 1879, the school has had the loyalty and support of the ever-increasing number of its alumni. The largest concentrations of these alumni have been in North Carolina but are also scattered throughout the fifty states, with some in foreign countries as well. There are currently over 12,000 living alumni of the UNC medical center. This number includes all medical school graduates of both the two-year and four-year program; all house officers who have trained at UNC Hospitals; graduates of the university receiving a master of Science or Doctoral Degree in the Basic Science Departments or the Medical Alumni Health Department of the School of Medicine; and all current faculty. Membership in this group is free and is conferred automatically upon your graduation.

2023 – 2025 Officers

Franklin “Frank” Hatchett, MD ’87 Lindsay A. Wilson, MD ’08 Leon C. Adelman, MD ’08, MBA