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The UNC School of Medicine Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund scholarship program was established in 1966 with a modest stipend to six students. Because of generous alumni support and commitment to medical education at UNC, there are 93 Alumni Funded Loyalty Fund Scholars in 2020-21. Of those scholarships, approximately 70 are available via the annual application process. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate character, commitment to service, academic achievement, leadership qualities and show financial need.

One-year scholarships, valued at $10,000, are awarded to rising Foundation Phase (3rd semester), Application Phase and Individualization Phase students.

A scholarship selection committee comprised of representatives from the Office of Student Affairs, Financial Aid, Admissions, Alumni Affairs and the UNC Health Foundation select recipients.

Scholarship selection will be made in May. Selected students will be notified as early as possible. Distribution of funds will be applied toward financial aid package (if applicable) and will be managed by the School of Medicine’s Financial Aid Office.

Recipients will be asked to thank the alumni who supported the scholarship. This is accomplished through thank you cards or letters and attending one to two alumni events during the year. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to contribute annually to the Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund at an appropriate time after graduation.

Questions: Contact the Alumni Office at 962-8891 or