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Publication Acknowledgements

Please acknowledge the UNC Animal Models Core Facility and key staff from the facility as appropriate in your publications. Significant intellectual contributions to animal model and study designs should include co-authorship.

FASEB recommendations for maximizing shared research resources:

“Ensure recognition of facilities and facility personnel: Investigators should
acknowledge use of facilities or shared resources in relevant scientific communications,
including grant applications. When preparing manuscripts, investigators should also
consider if the contributions of facility personnel merit co-authorship. Institutions and
publishers should take steps to promote appropriate acknowledgment.” 

Include in your publication acknowledgements:

‘The UNC Animal Models Core Facility is supported in part by P30 CA016086 Cancer Center Core Support Grant to the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.’


URLs for links to mouse and rat resources

TransViragen Provider of transgenic and knockout mice and rats

The Jackson Laboratory

International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium

International Society for Transgenic Technologies

Transgenic List (tg-l)

Mouse Genome Informatics

Rat Genome Database

Rat Community Forum

NCBI Rat Genome Resource

Rat Resource & Research Center (RRRC)

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Council for Entrepreneurial Development