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Make a Gift

What drew you to UNC?

Despite interviews being virtual, I could tell there was something unique about UNC’s program. The faculty and residents were warm and welcoming, and expressed a genuine interest in getting to know me. They were enthusiastic about the program, and I could sense an authentic camaraderie among the residents and faculty, which I have found to extend beyond the anesthesia department. UNC has lived up to its reputation. The program is robust with excellent training and faculty support. Plus, the Triangle is an awesome place to live with 3 unique cities to explore, and mountains and beaches both within a few hours drive.

What is your go-to fun fact?

I am a certified BBQ judge! While I was in college, I stumbled across the opportunity to take a course through the Kansas City BBQ society and officially became certified. I’ve actually only judged one contest, but my husband and I love trying new BBQ restaurants, and we recently got a smoker, so we are excited to start making recipes of our own!