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Wilmore, KY


Ball State University

Medical School

Indiana University

What drew you to UNC?

First and foremost, the residents. UNC produces incredibly strong residents year in and year out.

What do you love most about the Triangle?

The insane diversity of quality restaurants. The weather and proximity to the ocean was also a huge draw.

What are your career aspirations?

To pursue a Critical Care Fellowship

What is your go-to fun fact?

I completed a year of Emergency Medicine training before switching to Anesthesia. Best decision I ever made.

If I weren’t an anesthesiologist I would be:

A marine biologist or brewer. Or both.

What is your greatest accomplishment in residency thus far?: 

Making the decision to switch from Emergency Medicine to Anesthesiology

What is one hobby you’ve picked up since starting residency?:

Fly fishing