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Hometown: Cary, NC

Undergraduate: Campbell University

Medical School: ECU Brody College of Medicine

What drew you to UNC?

When I rotated here as a visiting medical student, I was floored by how welcoming the residents and faculty were. It was an easy decision after that.

What do you love most about the Triangle?

The Triangle has it all; there is plenty to do and see. Being in the central part of NC, it’s also an easy day trip out to the mountains or coast.

What are your career aspirations?

I love everything about our specialty, and I want to be a well-rounded physician with a varied practice. I also can’t rule out fellowship and I am excited to do more subspecialty rotations.

What is your go-to fun fact?

I once drove over 200 miles for a Klondike Bar.

If you weren’t an anesthesiologist, what would you be?

A weatherman.