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What drew you to UNC?

I would have to say my interview day was the biggest factor that drew me to UNC. I remember a couple of my interviewers were near windows and outside I saw the beautiful Carolina blue sky in the middle of November. In Indiana (where I’m originally from) it was a typical cold and cloudy winter day, so seeing the contrast definitely peaked my interest. Coupled with the warmth I felt from the faculty and resident interviewers, I could only dream of attending UNC for residency. I also reached out to a couple of current UNC residents from Indiana and they all had nothing but great things to say about the program, their colleagues (from multiple departments throughout the hospital) and the strong friendships they developed with their co-residents. I was SO happy on match day to see I matched here at UNC!!

What do you like to do for fun?

I love getting outside and exploring cities and nature through long walks, hiking, hitting up restaurants, etc. All of which is abundant and readily available in the Chapel Hill/ Durham area! Tons of nearby parks, trails, lakes, excellent restaurants, coffee shops, and free museums.