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Make a Gift

What drew you to UNC?

I loved my interview day! I learned so much about why UNC was so awesome: the education, the opportunities, Chapel Hill, and best of all the people. Everyone I met passed the vibe check. I wanted to do my residency at a program with a strong commitment to education while also being able to genuinely enjoy learning and working with my colleagues and mentors. UNC hit the mark.

If I wasn’t an anesthesiologist, I would be…

An ornithologist. I love birds. Or maybe a tennis player if I was 9001x better.

What are your career aspirations?

Practice at an academic center where I can care for patients from all walks of life AND be actively involved with medical education.

What is your greatest accomplishment in residency thus far?

Residency just started for me at the time I’m writing this, so it would be putting in and signing my first order. It was just a urine hCG but it was still exciting.