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What is the AOE?
The Academy of Educators (AOE), at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, was founded in October 2006 as a part of the School’s strategic plan to enhance research and scholarship towards excellence in teaching. Currently, the Academy has four committees: Scholarship, Programming, Awards, and Membership. The AOE is overseen by a President, with support from a Leadership Council, and a Coordinator from the Office of Faculty Affairs & Leadership Development. Click here to learn more.
Is the AOE only for medical educators?
The AOE welcomes both medical and biomedical educators. The AOE was originally created in the context of medical education. Beginning in 2020, the AOE Leadership Council began taking steps to create a more inclusive and relevant atmosphere to serve the needs of our biomedical educators. We continue to welcome your feedback at
How can I join the AOE?
The membership nomination cycle opens each year in January, with nominations being due in March. For the current dates and deadlines, check out our membership page.
What are the AOE membership requirements?
Expectations of continued leadership in educational initiatives and active participation in the Academy programming are a minimum of four required events (live or virtual) per year (June 1 – May 31). 
Do previously recorded events count towards requirements?
Yes. You may stay up-to-date on attendance requirements by watching previously recorded workshops stored on the Resources page. Choose a resource to watch and email to confirm which one you viewed for credit. 
How do I know how many events I've attended so far?
The AOE Tracker helps you know how many events you’ve attended and which ones. 
I attended an event and the Tracker doesn't reflect it. What should I do?
Please email to confirm your attendance and note the name of the event(s).

It is possible your name was not recorded at previous events, so moving forward, at live events organized directly by AOE, you can find the paper sign-in sheet on the blue AOE table or email us at to ensure your attendance is recorded.

For virtual events, ensure your first and last name is visible in the Zoom window (this can be modified by clicking the three verticals within your Zoom window) and the Coordinator will capture your attendance.  

What about webinars or events I can call into by phone? How should I go about signing in?
Please email to confirm your attendance for any phone-in events. This is because Webex and Zoom list your just phone number, which means we cannot identify you. 
What is an AOE-sponsored event?
If an event listed on our calendar mentions that it is AOE-sponsored in the description, this means that the event is put on by another organization. This is important because the AOE Coordinator will not always be present to record your attendance and answer questions. The speaker is asked to provide you with a sign-in sheet to confirm attendance. Never hesitate to email to add the event to your record.
I attended an educational event that was not sponsored by the AOE. Can it count towards my membership requirements?
Possibly. Email us at so we can help you.
I'm not getting weekly emails from the AOE. How can I fix this?
Click here to ensure you are subscribed to our mailing list. Also add “” to your email contacts to let spam filters know it is safe. 

Still looking for answers? Email us at