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Fall campus scenes on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)Internal Funding Opportunities

In the spirit of one of our founders, Kathleen Rao, these Education Scholarship Grants were created to demonstrate that AOE members can benefit substantially from small grants to support innovative educational ideas. We are grateful to the School of Medicine and the Med Foundation donors for assuring we have the funds to continue the AOE’s support of important educational research. The Grants provide a material benefit to AOE members’ scholarly development. The grants also help the AOE move toward its goal of becoming a research resource – an “in-house think tank” – to generate important findings on questions of particular importance to the SOM. This goal is not only intrinsically valuable – but it also supports each facet of the Academy’s mission.
To that end, the AOE hopes to make the grants generators of rigorous evidence that can address brought to bear on important questions of medical education.
We aim to support faculty in the generation of potentially publishable educational scholarships. To that end, award deliverables will consist of a report to the School of Medicine for internal use and a manuscript capable of being submitted to an academic journal.
We encourage applicants’ creativity! We are open to considering all methods and approaches to generating answers, providing applicants can demonstrate that the research can proceed to results that are not only rigorously evaluated but able to be published.

External Funding Opportunities

Below is a collection of opportunities external to the AOE (some are internal to UNC) that our members have collected and submitted. We welcome any submissions. Please email them to