The UNC-CH School of Medicine Academy of Educators was founded in October 2006 as a part of the School’s strategic plan to enhance research and scholarship towards excellence in teaching.  Currently, the Academy has two committees, Scholarship and Programming, and is overseen by a President, with support from the Immediate Past President and a Coordinator from the Office of Faculty Affairs & Leadership Development.

The Mission of the Academy is

  1. to promote and support excellence in teaching and the work and career paths of excellent teachers
  2. to promote and fund curricular innovation, evidence-based curricular change and a scholarly approach to the education mission; and
  3. to provide a forum for education leadership and advice for the Dean, Vice Dean for Medical Education and the leadership of the curriculum.


Recently, there have been a number of changes implemented to our by-laws, which can be found below.

Academy of Educators Bylaws (Amended September 2018)