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Nurse practitioner, Division of Hematology and Oncology

Specialty Areas: Multiple myeloma, amyloidosis and other plasma cell disorders

Dell is a nurse practitioner that works for the UNC Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis Program. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, she is directly involved with multiple research studies currently underway at UNC. Prior to working with patients with plasma cell diseases, Dell worked for the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program which she joined in 1992.

In addition to working full time with UNC Health Care and being a member of the APP Credentialing Subcommittee, the APP Advisory Council and the APP Manager and Lead Committee, Dell makes time to assist others around the globe. Please see her most recent outreach to Honduras. Thank you Dell for all you do!


Reflections on La Esperanza

Durham Habitat Global Village trip to Honduras

January, 2020




Dell and her team were in Honduras as part of a Habitat Global Village trip. They were the first Habitat group working on a Habitat repair project in Intibuca, working on existing homes rather than building new ones. Her team worked most of the week replacing dirt floors with concrete. They hauled rock and sand used to mix batches of concrete by hand, and then hauling buckets of wet concrete for the masons.

In addition to providing physical work on families’ homes, the team shared lunches with the families and masons and learned of the struggles many Hondurans face. At the end of their stay, the team reflected on their time in Honduras and realized that they were there, not to fix, but to be fixed and to learn better how to love their neighbors, both in Honduras and at home!