The APP Advisory Council was formed to support the APP Center in regards to processes of APP credentialing, privileging, competency, education, compliance, and consistency and expectations of patient services delivered by APPs within both UNC Hospitals and UNC School of Medicine at the UNC Medical Center entity of UNC Health. The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Advisory Council has a membership comprised of APPs from various disciplines within UNC Health, specifically the Medical Center. Disciplines are represented based on the number and areas of practice of those APPs within UNC Health. There are 14 total APP members including 7 NPs in Adult Critical Care, Pediatric Critical Care, Inpatient Adult, Inpatient Pediatrics, Outpatient Adult, Outpatient Pediatrics, 1 At-Large member; 2 CRNAs in Anesthesia; 3 PAs in Surgical unit, Inpatient, and Outpatient; 1 CPP – Outpatient; 1 CNM – At-Large.


APP Communication Tree

Name Departments 
Marissa Navarroli
Sue Meier

Pediatrics: Neonatology
Eric Allman

Medicine: Hospital Medicine
Kat Dancel and Jennifer Turner

Kristi Hildebrand

Lynne Farber

Tom Bush

Dell Strayhorn

Shirley Sopko and Lynn Harris

Meg Beal

Medicine/PA Program
Audrey Cook

Surgery: Trauma
Kathy Higgins

Obstetrics, CNMs
Laura Beth Rupcich 

Dan Hendrix

Surgery:Cardiothoracic, Surgery:Burn