Jacqueline Gaillard Gibson

Mrs. Gibson, PA-C is a physician assistant who graduated with a Master of Health Sciences from Duke University. She has been with the UNC Department of Infectious Disease for the last 11 years specializing in HIV with a focus on primary and maternal care. She is on Faculty with UNC School of Medicine as a Clinical Instructor. In this role she is a clinical leader providing training to pharmacy students and nurse practitioner students.

The Division of Infectious Diseases has partnered with the Wake County Health Department since 1994 offering primary care to individuals living with HIV. The practice has grown significantly since its inception and has gone on to be recognized as a statewide leader in HIV care (https://globalhealth.unc.edu/2013/03/wake-county-hiv-clinic-recognition/).  After starting her professional career at Dorothea Dix Hospital, Mrs. Gibson joined UNC as a faculty member within the Division of Infectious Diseases providing clinical care to the patients of Wake County through its HIV clinic.  Mrs. Gibson’s contributions and care for the clinic’s patients have helped propel and expand the services provided throughout the rapidly evolving landscape of HIV care.  In addition, she has also served as a liaison between the clinic and Wakebrook, helping patients maintain continuity of care between their visits at each clinic.

In addition to clinical care, Mrs. Gibson will be embarking on a new venture by stepping into clinical research and joining the UNC WIHS team (https://www.med.unc.edu/wihs/). She will undoubtedly be a great addition to the research efforts of UNC while continuing to be a great asset to the clinical care of North Carolina’s residents.

(contributions below are examples of those whose lives she has impacted)


<em>“Prior to my retirement from Duke Peds ID last Fall, I worked closely with Jackie Gibson for more than 5 years. I met with her pregnant women clients (and partners) to answer questions and prepare them for the medical follow up their HIV-exposed infants would need. Jackie also provided medical care to some of my clients who were HIV+ young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult HIV care. Many of these young adults have told me how caring Jackie was and how much that has mattered to them. She cared when they stopped taking their meds and it negatively impacted their health and did not give up on them.  </em>

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<em>Jackie has shown an interest in her patients’ lives in terms of family, support, jobs, housing and so on, and has always treated the patients as valuable people who just happen to have HIV.   She displayed compassion for some individuals’ heartbreaking circumstances, never talked down to clients, and yet was not afraid to “tell it like it is” with patients when warranted.  She was well versed in resources and worked hard to assist clients in accessing resources to ensure they were able to overcome barriers to care.  </em>

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<em>On a regular basis I observed Jackie go above and beyond what was expected to achieve the outcomes her clients desired. I felt honored to work closely with Jackie Gibson.”</em>


<strong>Mary McLees-Lane, MSW, ACSW</strong>

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<em>“In the fall of 2008 I arrived in Raleigh from New Orleans. The first thing I had to do was find a provider. However, not for the usual reasons that a 50 plus man can have.  Now that sounds like a fairly simple thing to do but again it was not. </em>

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<em>After coming close to death due to HIV and a debilitating stroke in New Orleans this was the first thing on my to do list in moving to Raleigh; keeping my health on track was paramount.  This disease, HIV, has killed thousands and continues to do so.  Then I was blessed to be assigned to Mrs. Jacqueline Gibson through Wake County Human Services. All my fears and worries were gone in the first 5 minutes, which is not easy for me to do, she answered all my concerns, arranged my med program and day to day care.  No other provider I have had throughout this vicious illness has been on top of my care as she has.  She has been at the forefront of every new discovery that has concerned HIV care. Mrs. Gibson shares that information with me and her patients’ keeping us and myself informed so that I can be proactive in my care.  On every check-up she has shown empathy, concern and a genuine passion for her field and those she cares for. </em>

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<em>Mrs. Gibson is just a phone call away and I should know having made that call several times. With her help and guidance I have been able to take back control of my health care, well-being, and peace of mind. Wake Co. Human Services and this HIV clinic should be proud to have providers and support help that are giving so much to the community and the lives of the patients they care for.  Speaking for myself, I am grateful for all of the caring support I have had since making Raleigh my home and for Mrs. Gibson’s medical care and support. “</em>

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<strong>A Patient of 10 Years.</strong>